Flesh Between The Shell

by Scumacide

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Recorded and Engineered by Dave Novak from Toastworks Production. December 21st 2013. Bass recorded by T. Farris. 2nd Album(17) Tracks long. Released January 8th 2014.


released January 8, 2014



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Scumacide San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Less Valuable
instrumental (tell your own story)
Track Name: Parricide
Parasites inside of you; inside of me. Mutualism never sounded so good
Track Name: Up In Utah
Up in Utah with a .45, miles of road-nowhere to go. Don't get lost in the snow, don't get lost in the cold. Its a long drive
Track Name: Maybe In June
This winter has grown so cold. The warmth of your body; a distant memory. When will I see you again? She said, "maybe I'll see you in June".
Track Name: Clean Slate
A brush with death: to see what can't be shown, something's are never known. New eyes to see what cannot be.
Track Name: Rule Of Thumb
Other peoples words crippling actions, it's a rule of thumb. Your rest gives me motion. Your rust gives me stone legs, an overdose (of death)
Track Name: Alicia's After Birth
Mother pig feasts aimlessly next to her bludgeoned son. The civil greet her with an axe. But mother will fight for her filth. No eyes but for her bludgeoned son
Track Name: 38
A knife and the word "bitch". Incessant, inconceivable words split from mouths. Over and over, repetitive battery
Track Name: Miss Universe
Deny me your body, my harpy, my harlot. She runs with no eyes, makes love in her fathers bed. Fakes drunk; in lust with a dunce, not happy but sober. Here's to nothing ever new.
Track Name: Blue Sun
On the other hand there's always a window you look to jump out of; never putting what your'e expecting to get out of- why waste your time? Why waste mine? The wools been pulled over my eyes for the last time
Track Name: My older, Lovelier Grady
Grady eats the pencil, she become loving God. Create her favorite boy, lying in his bed. His left arm is missing, he loves her anyway. No false metra is swallowed by light. Her busy eyes are away from alone. It's always 6:00 AM with you, you know that? It's better that way.
(He agree's. I used to live alone before I knew you, you know that? Well I should, I am creator)
Track Name: Gears
Live slow, die whenever. Don't get caught in the gears of Sweetwater
Track Name: Removal Of A Tenth
Death and decay, coming together in relative ways. You sleepwalk through life, and this is what you get: Mistakes and regrets. If I could make a list of mine, your name would be on every line.
Track Name: Bloody Horse
This venom you've held for all your life, only in death did it spill from your fangs. You can't hide, I see you. Always pluck the lowest fruit; you change your skin (forever)
Track Name: Far From Removed
The decomposing man sat there in his chair with decomposing skin and decomposing hair. He sat there without sin as he waited and he waited to do it again.
Track Name: Waste
Like throwing stones in a glass house, it all came crashing down. It was fun while it lasted, but this swan song's been on repeat for far too long. I'd rather be your enemy than hear you call me "friend".
Track Name: False Metra
I searched for your light but it was snuffed out too soon by another kind. Nothing but unmarked, shallow graves all around me, but still I searched for you. Your light was gone.